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Securing a property settlement between a divorcing couple is not as simple as assigning physical assets. The complexities should discourage anyone from doing it themselves. Protect the assets that are rightfully yours by putting an experienced attorney at your side. At The Law Offices of Michael Samuel Dyer, we provide a high level of dedicated and aggressive representation to our clients in West Palm Beach and throughout the state of Florida.

Experience with and knowledge of Florida state law as it relates to property division is vital. The ability to be proactive in developing a long-term property settlement can prevent problems in the future. Contact us at 561-801-6453.

Valuing Property for Settlements Now and in the Future

With Florida being a separate property state, both parties in a divorce must prove ownership or agree on who will have ownership of property. While settlements dealing with tangible items from kitchen appliances to cars may be reached with little effort, determining possession of more complex items is more difficult.

That includes retirement accounts and businesses that need valuation. Both spouses may be entitled to a portion of that growing asset. As the value increases over time, the balance could shift in one spouse’s direction.

Willing to Mediate and Ready to Litigate a Property Settlement

At The Law Offices of Michael Samuel Dyer, we recognize the complexity of finding a middle ground in a property settlement that includes 401ks and company ownership. While we strive to resolve the matter through negotiation, we will not hesitate to take the case to court. The security of your future is far too important to ignore the future value of any asset.

Emergencies Do Not Happen Between Nine to Five – Representation When You Need It

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding equitable distribution of property and debt, please contact us.

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We work one-on-one with you to achieve your personal goals and will even set up payment plans to accomplish what you need.

We always Put you first

We know not all divorce-related matters occur during standard business hours, therefore we make ourselves available to you 7 days a week by phone or office appointment. Call today at 561-801-6453 - Palm Beach

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