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West Palm Beach Post-Divorce Litigation Lawyers

Post-Divorce Litigation Attorneys in Palm Beach County, Florida

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Careful preparation goes into the finalization of a divorce decree. With both sides working together in mediation or a judge ruling in litigation, resolution is found and both parties can move on with their separate lives.

However, as time goes on, circumstances change that may necessitate a revisiting of the original divorce decree. At The Law Offices of Michael Samuel Dyer in West Palm Beach, Florida, we are dedicated to our clients and protect their rights in proceedings that modify or enforce their divorce decree. Florida litigation law that may cause for a modifiation of your supoport or custody rights. Submitting a Supplemental Petition for Modification may be in order if your former spouse has lost their job, has gotten and better job, or is moving to another state.

Situations change, and post-divorce litigation is sometimes necessary. You have rights that need protection by an experienced divorce attorney. Contact us at 561-801-6453.

As Life Changes, Your Divorce Decree May Change

Income can change with a promotion or a layoff. Job opportunities or a new marriage could bring about a move by the spouse with primary custody. The prospect of your child moving to another state can be devastating if you enjoy a close relationship.

Looking Out for Your Best Interests Post-Divorce

At The Law Offices of Michael Samuel Dyer, we provide the same level of dedication in post-divorce matters as we do with divorce cases. Our job is to protect our client’s rights and look out for the best interests of the children. Moves and money can bring disharmony into a peaceful, post-marital relationship. Whether we are pursuing an enforcement or modification of an existing divorce decree, we want to find the best resolution.

Emergencies Do Not Happen Between Nine to Five – Representation When You Need It

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a post-divorce matter that affects child or spousal support, please contact us.

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We work one-on-one with you to achieve your personal goals and will even set up payment plans to accomplish what you need.

We always Put you first

We know not all divorce-related matters occur during standard business hours, therefore we make ourselves available to you 7 days a week by phone or office appointment. Call today at 561-801-6453 - Palm Beach

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