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Dividing Marital Property Equally in Florida

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50/50 means half. The Law Offices of Michael Dyer will go the extra mile to not only find but get you the assets you deserve. Because no one raises there hand in court and tells the judge, “I have a ton of money.” The Law Offices of Michael dyer will find and obtain the assets and monies you deserve. Using our vast number of industry insiders, no bank account asset or business goes unturned. We make sure we have ALL the facts associated with your partners financial position and fight to get what you deserve.

At The Law Offices of Michael Samuel Dyer in West Palm Beach, Florida, we help protect our clients’ assets and strive to resolve division of asset issues short of litigation.

Do not give up what is rightfully yours. Florida is a separate property state, meaning any assets you own – regardless of value – remain in your possession. Although, marital property will be divided equally. For aggressive advocacy in complicated division of asset matters, contact us at 561-801-6453.

Equitable Distribution

For most divorces, the court will order that there be an equitable distribution of property. This does not necessarily mean that your property will be split evenly. Instead, if one spouse is going to have a more difficult time supporting the lifestyle to which he or she has become accustomed, that spouse will receive a larger portion of the property.

Our West Palm Beach asset protection attorneys understand that it is possible for this concept to be skewed. In some cases, the court may be convinced that one of the spouses will require a larger portion of the property. If this is untrue, however, our practice will fight to make sure that you receive the portion that you deserve.

Is Your Property Marital, Nonmarital or Comminlged?

Was the property, asset or debt acquired prior to the marriage? Is it still discernible? This means, can it still be identified or has it been so intertwined with marital assets or debts that it cannot be specifically identified? Is your property inherited? Is your property commingled? Is your property a business? Was this business formed during the marriage? Do you receive passive or active income from that business? What are the tax ramifications of the asset and debt division scheme?

Our property division attorneys are experienced at representing men and women in property classification matters to determine whether property is marital or nonmarital and if separate property has been commingled or remained separate.

Protecting What Is Yours

When our clients are going through a divorce, we serve as their advocates in property distribution disputes. We provide protection of their assets when the other spouse wants to claim the property as their own. Too much is at stake. Put this vital matter in the hands of an attorney who provides personalized service and attends to every detail of your divorce.

For aggressive, personalized service, contact The Law Offices of Michael Samuel Dyer.

Complexities arise when both spouses contribute to a bank account opened before the marriage by one spouse. Other issues can arise because retirement accounts can increase in value over time. Bringing in financial experts helps us build your division of property case based on the facts.

Fighting For Your Rights in Mediation and Litigation

Money and possessions can change the makeup of a divorce. Cooperation is replaced by a bitter battle over tangible items, some of significant value. Mediation is a preferred venue, but we do not shy away from the courtroom if it is in our clients’ best interests.

Emergencies Do Not Happen Between Nine to Five – Representation When You Need It

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding division of marital assets, please contact us.

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We work one-on-one with you to achieve your personal goals and will even set up payment plans to accomplish what you need.

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We know not all divorce-related matters occur during standard business hours, therefore we make ourselves available to you 7 days a week by phone or office appointment. Call today at 561-801-6453 - Palm Beach

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