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Children quickly become the focal point of a divorce, because of the many factors that affect the start of your new life such as child support payments and time sharing. Not only is this area an important factor in any divorce, it is often the most emotional aspect of divorce, and couple’s cooperative approach can quickly disappear. At The Law Offices of Michael Samuel Dyer in West Palm Beach, Florida, we are dedicated to the cause of our clients, but also recognize the best interests of their children.

We provide a high level of dedicated representation for our clients focused on the needs of their children. While we strive to reach an agreement in mediation for child custody matters, we also recognize that litigation may be the best way to secure the outcome you deserve. Contact an attorney at our office at 561-801-6453.

Visitation Rights

When it comes to visitation, it is extremely rare that a parent is not granted these rights. The State of Florida operates on a system that believes that every child has a right to see both parents. If visitation rights are being withheld by a custodial parent, that parent is often acting outside of his or her rights.

Fighting for the Best Interests of Your Child Support Matter

Putting the children in the middle of a custody or visitation battle is not something we encourage. The children are dealing with the after-effects of their parents splitting up. They do not need to witness the battle between their mother and father over parenting time. We encourage both sides to find a middle ground in a parenting plan. However, mediation is only as effective as the each side’s willingness to be agreeable.

Fact-Based and Detail-Oriented Approach to Child Support

Child support is a strict calculation based on the income and expenses of both spouses. From there, an amount is generated. While formal guidelines exist, disputes arise from the possibility of hidden income or exaggerated expenses. At The Law Offices of Michael Samuel Dyer, we get to the facts to ensure our clients are paying or receiving what they deserve.

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