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There are occasions when a divorce may not yet be finalized or still on-going, but one spouse requires certain financial amounts in order to maintain their lifestyle during these proceedings. Known as temporary alimony, these payments allow one member of the couple to keep their current lifestyle, namely paying expenses such as living costs or basic needs, until the marriage is official dissolved. These expenses are specifically ordered and set by the court, and are used for only the time of the divorce’s legal procedures.

How Temporary Alimony Works

Temporary alimony is a limited fund only created in order to preserve certain expenses that will be properly divided with the finality of the divorce. Until then, one spouse may clearly share the burden for these costs, and be ordered therefore to provide financial assistance to the other spouse. In particular, the following are important points concerning temporary alimony:

  • at maximum, lasts for the duration of the divorce
  • otherwise, lasts for a very specific amount of time
  • payment and time may not be changed unless there is a change in circumstances
  • meant to cover marital expenses while they are being divided

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